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I'm Bev, founder of Kindly Yarn fabric wraps. Thanks for stopping by.


Like many of us, I juggle the hubbub of family and work, so keeping life simple is essential. 

For many years I worked in buying, working globally with suppliers. Nowadays I put that experience to use in product development, working with some well-known companies, to help reduce the environmental impact of their products.


That's why I love furoshiki fabric wraps. They're a rare blend of a product that's more sustainable (reusable), more convenient (ideal for busy lives), plus they look incredible. In Japan they're really popular and used for everything from scarves, to bags, to gift wrap.


But back in 2020 I struggled to find furoshiki fabric wraps in UK shops and the few I did - whilst very beautiful - cost more than the gift I wanted to wrap. And so I decided to set up Kindly Yarn to make fabric wrapping more widely accessible. 


I'm sometimes asked "but what will you do when everyone's using fabric wraps?"

Me: 'I'd be delighted!'

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    Sustainable ideas

    Our ethos is centred around minimising our impact on the environment. From reusable products, to natural fabrics, to digital fabric printing, to recycled packaging, to delivery methods; sustainability is in our core and at the heart of every decision made.  

    Want to know more about what steps we take? Take a look at our blog 'The Yarn'

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    A short yarn, about yarn

    We want our fabric wraps to be reused and re-loved, meaning quality is essential. So we start at the beginning...


    Long cotton fibres make the very best thread. They can be spun into a fine, strong yarn, with less 'bits' to pill. This makes a fabric that's long lasting but lightweight, so they're really easy to knot and tie - perfect for furoshiki scarves, whether you’re wrapping or wearing.

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    Small business expertise

    As an independent business, we're specialists in what we do - furoshiki fabric wraps - and we want you to love fabric wrapping as much as we do.

    We love to hear from you. So drop us a line with your thoughts, or for collaborations.

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    A favour to ask

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